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As New Zealanders, we are inspired by nature, so we want to look after it. When we found out that up to 200 species go extinct every day and that our national icon, the kiwi, could be next, we decided to help the little fellas out!

And you can help too! Simply sign up to our mission below and we’ll donate 20p to conservation charity Kiwis for kiwi. And as a thank you, we’ll send you a free reusable tote bag! So not only will you be help the kiwi in New Zealand, but every time you go shopping, you’ll be making a difference here too!

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Business Recycle Pledge

Join Our Mission To Save The Kiwi

Our planet is small – and we must all play our part in helping to look after nature,

after all, every action on this side of the world can impact the environment everywhere.


We’ve done our bit by making our packaging recyclable! Sign up to save the kiwi and share

your recycling initiative with us (however big or small), and we’ll spread the good word for you!


We’ll also send you a POS kit so you can show customers you too are doing good here in the UK and in turn helping save the kiwi in New Zealand.

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